Thomas Rhett for my Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

It’s a little late, I will admit, but it has seriously been a crazy week and a half since my birthday!

The week before my birthday I was making plans with a couple friends and we decided to have a pot luck on Thursday (I didn’t realize that was the 18th) but when Josh said we already had plans and I could not figure out why we had plans for a Thursday!

“What do you mean we have plans?” I asked

“We just do” was his response before finally mentioning that it was my birthday that night.

Oops! So then I had to text everyone and cancel plans with them.

Josh likes to keep everything a surprise so no matter how many times I tried to get it out of him, I just couldn’t. I am the worst with surprises, I do not like them. But Thursday morning I got up, went for my run with Koda, and when I got back I was sitting at the kitchen table and looked over and saw two tickets to see Thomas Rhett in concert! It literally took all I had not to run into our bedroom and wake him up!

So the rest of the day went on as normal, I showered and went to work and got off work a little early in order to get ready for that two and a half hour trek to Eugene where the concert would be taking place.

We got there early enough to get a good parking spot, walked in and went directly to the food. Yay for hot dogs? haha Those are not something we would normally eat at all but when you’re hungry enough I guess anything will suffice?

The concert was so much fun! Midland was the opener, and if you don’t think you know who they are but you listen to country music, you really do know who they are. Their biggest hit so far has been Drinkin Problem. Then after him was Brett Young who was even better! Got Josh to slow dance with me in our seats, and when his face came on the big screen Josh leans over to me and says “Wow! He’s a real good lookin guy isn’t he?!” I mean, I wasn’t going to say anything, but since he said it first, it makes it ok right??

When Thomas Rhett came on with his opener of T-Shirt I got crazy excited! I was so excited to see him and hear him live I couldn’t sit down the rest of the concert. We had so much fun! If they come within a 2 hour drive of you, definitely go see them! We had such a great time. We left a little early to beat the crowd since we had that long drive home, and we still didn’t get home until almost 2 am.

I was so exhausted the next day but still on a high from being able to go! It was completely worth it!


The Traveling Entree


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