Goodbyes to Gizmo

Shortly after returning from Ohio, I had to repack a small bag and get ready to head down to California to help my mom with a few things. I left my house at 245am and landed in LAX at 11am. I was so happy to see my mom! I am an only child so my mom and I are extremely close.

We went to Home Goods and K-mart to get some stuff to pretty up her new place and then ran to the store to get the ingredients for stuffed shells for her party that night. We have such a good time just doing little things like that, shopping around looking for bathmats and little decorations for her bathroom. We walked around the grocery store and gathered everything up and then went back to her place to relax and start cooking!

The stuffed shells turned out amazing! Yummy!! and soon enough people started showing up and then we all got into the baseball game which happened to go on FOREVER, so long in fact that I fell asleep on the couch before putting myself to bed.

Saturday morning, we got up, got ready for the day and then headed over to her storage unit to gather a few kitchen items out of it. On the way there I got a call I was not expecting. Josh called to tell me that Gizmo was not feeling well. I called the vet as he drove over there with my Gizmo. Things were not looking so well to begin with. All the veterinarian offices in our area are closed on weekends so it was a struggle to get ahold of them.

The doctor finally showed up while Josh was waiting and comforting Gizmo as much as he could, and after running a few tests, she went over the blood test results and X-rays with us. Things could not have looked worse for my baby. His liver functions were way too high and his sugar levels were bottomed out. His blood work was all over the place. The X-rays showed an enlarged liver, a tumor on his heart and his organs all out of place. My poor baby was suffering and needed to be put down. My Gizmo, the cat that everyone loved… I was heartbroken. Sitting there at my dads, with him, my stepmom, and my mom, all of us crying, I had to say goodbye to my baby over the phone.

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy, but saying goodbye and not being able to be there for them is even harder than you can imagine… It was one of the hardest decisions I had ever had to make, and even now, three days later, it still hurts. He will forever be loved by anyone he has ever touched and forever missed by my husband and I. Some people think that pets are just animals, my husband included, but they are family. Josh learned that this weekend when he had to be there with Gizmo.

I will be getting an ink print of his nose and paws along with his ashes this week. All I can do now is love my other babies as much as possible until their time comes…

Goodbye my Handsome Boy, you will forever be loved and missed


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