Cherish the Time

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I went down to southern Oregon on friday night to spend some time with my grandmother. Koda and I left as soon as I got off work Friday and we got there at about 830 maybe? It always seems like such a long drive down there, but entirely worth it since I get to spend time with my grandma.

So we got down there, unloaded the car, and hung out close to her pellet stove since it was so cold out there. Normally whenever we go somewhere overnight, I would bring Koda’s crate, but I was too lazy to fold it down and pack it up, plus its pretty heavy so I just brought his bed with me. We finally all went to bed at about 11:30 which, if you know me, is WAAAYY past my bedtime. We got up and moving and my grandma and I went to brunch at this little place called Central Point Perk. I am a huge fan of friends so I thought it was kind of cool that it has a similar name.

Upon walking in, I was impressed by some of the decorations and not to mention, it smelled amazing in there. I was starving by now, so we grabbed a menu, picked a seat and then went up and placed an order. It took a little time before we got to order as it was a little busy and there is only one person working. And he was doing a lot at once. Taking orders, dishes, cooking, fulfilling drink orders, you name it, he was doing it all.

I ordered the egg burrito (tried to stay semi healthy) and my grandma orders the berry waffles which looked amazing when they came out. She got her usual black decaf coffee and since I don’t drink coffee, I got a Chai Tea which was probably the best chai I’ve ever had. Yummy!IMG_2113

When our food came out, we were not disappointed! My grandma’s waffles had a serving of fresh berries to use as syrup which she said was delicious. My egg burrito was amazing as it sounded with eggs, chorizo, cabbage, sour cream, and probably a few things I’m forgetting. We both finished our meals and were feeling completely satisfied. We can’t wait to go back and she said that when my dad comes out to visit she’ll be bringing him there as well. That’s how you know she liked it, when she makes plans to visit again! IMG_2114

We finished up and cleared our table and then decided to make a stop over at home goods for some thanksgiving decorations and stuff to make center pieces with. We finished up there, and I am super proud to say that I did not spend more than $60 there! That is a huge accomplishment for me. I always tend to overspend whenever I go there or hobby lobby. From there we went to Michaels and got a couple things as well.

We stopped at sonic and grabbed something to drink and sat in the drive up people watching and talking for a little bit, before heading back to her house to pack up and head home.

I look forward to my visits with my grandma and will definitely be sad when I won’t be able to just take a drive down to visit her. Josh and I are only here for another 8 months or so, so I decided I needed to make the most of it and visit her more often. You never know when you’re going to lose someone so be sure to spend as much time with you loved ones as possible. Forgive and let things go because I know all to well how it feels to lose someone you were holding a grudge against. Cherish the time you have with them.


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