Slips, Trips, Goodbyes, and Holidays

Hey there!

I have been completely MIA lately, and I am so sorry. I feel like a terrible blogger right now! Last week was such a crappy week and like I said before, I really don’t want to post anything negative on my blogs. I want them to be bright and happy, but still honest and truthful. So here we go…

Last week started off on a bad note all together and I have absolutely NO idea why. I have been getting up early every morning and getting my workouts in, doing intermittent fasting and trying to be more mindful of what I’m putting in to my body. Last week was the first week of intermittent fasting so maybe that’s why I was having such a bad week?

On Tuesday (I think), I was at work and needed to refill my water bottle, we not super techy so we don’t have one of those awesome bottle filling stations, we have the old-fashioned 5 gallon jug of water, audit was just my luck that it was empty. So I walked the short distance to grab a new jug and on my way back I stepped in a tiny bit of water that someone had spilled. My front leg just kept right on moving and nothing I could have tried would have stopped this from happening so I just went with it and went down, almost as if I were trying to do the splits… BUT I did NOT drop the water jug! And thank goodness I took my shoes off because this could have been WAY worse than what it was. Also, there were only 2 witnesses for this incident! Whew! Too bad I was wearing a skirt though… Sorry Pam if I flashed you… lol.

But wait, it gets better… On Thursday, while I was out running with my dog, I tripped on a curb. This was no normal trip either… this was like full on flailing my arms trying to catch myself trip. Luckily enough for me, though, it was really early in the morning and no one was really around. My dog however, after letting go of the leash and falling, just stopped and looked over at me like “what you doing down there?” and then just started sniffing around. At least he didn’t run off, right? But now, one of my favorite pairs of leggings has some little holes in the knee. My legs look like a hot mess of bruises basically from the top down to my ankles. Ugh… It’s terrible.

In just a couple of weeks here, Josh and I will be headed out to Ohio to say our goodbyes to his Opa who passed away last week. I didn’t know him, as I only met him twice, but was still saddened by the news. He was a nice man and who is very much loved by his  family members. I can only hope that he was not in any pain and passed in peace.

Directly after I get back from Ohio, it’ll be off to Cali for a quick turn around trip to visit my parents before getting back with it at work and getting ready for the Holidays. I have finally decided what I will be for Halloween too! It’ll be a fun surprise! Then I also found out that my uncle will be coming down for Thanksgiving so we will have a full house over here with my mom, dad, stepmom, grandmother, uncle, two cousins and a couple of friends. But I am super excited about it since I love cooking and baking! I already have my list all done of what I’ll be making, the ingredients I need to purchase, and then I went so far as to separate them into categories as to where they’re located at in the store. I’m not normally this anal about it, but I really hate having to make multiple trips to the store each year, so this year, I will take the lists, along with the recipes with me to the store so that I can mark it off on both as I grab things off the shelves AND I will be buying some extras just in case!

Any one else prepping for the holidays already? Do you have Thanksgiving at your house or do you go to someone else’s house? any special recipes or dishes you grew up with and couldn’t have a single Thanksgiving without?

Hope you all have a great night!


The Traveling Entrée




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