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I have a friend who’s husband just left for two and a half months for A-School and she is a mess! It makes me so sad to see people hurting like that. When you want to help someone but there isn’t much you can do other than spend time with them.

So that is my plan! I went over on Tuesday night and we just talked, drank wine, and watched a movie. Just some easy company. She will be moving north about a half hour to live with a friend and her family for the duration of the time that her husband is gone; so at least she won’t be alone. Then, whenever Josh has duty, I told her she could stay the night here or we could always get together to do something as well.

We are going to have a sleepover tomorrow night at her place after I go out with Vicky and Natalie. We plan to drink more wine, pack up a few of her things, watch a movie, paint our nails and do some awesome Arbonne face masks! Because who doesn’t love getting drunk off wine and pampering yourself?? That’s right, no one!

I know that we really have it easy out here, but when the person you love is gone and you have limited family and friends around you it makes it even harder. I am so grateful that Josh has already been through all that and the longest I’d have to go without him is a petty three weeks unless he gets chosen for deployment. I also realize that there are spouses and families that have to go much longer without their person than what she is going through or what I’d end up going through.

People romanticize the whole coming home thing so much, and yes, it is an amazing feeling to have that person come back home to you safe and sound but what non-military family members don’t realize is how hard it is. How hard it is on the ones left behind and what they go through… Being a military family is hard. They miss out on little things and big things, you miss that person so much that your heart just feels empty. You just want to sit on the couch and not do anything. Even eating can become a chore. Some people cope better than others and I try so hard to put myself in her shoes, but until you experience it for yourself, there’s no way to tell how you are going to react to these things at all.

How many military wives out there have had their husband leave for school or even deployment? What did you do to cope or even just function normally through that period of time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Either leave a comment below or shoot me an email!

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