Coos Bay Prefontaine Run

Good morning my lovelies!

Boy, after last night, I thought for sure I would be sleeping in until at least ten! But, no, I was up at about 730 this morning, and then just laid in bed for another hour or so before finally crawling out of bed to get ready for the Pre.

I have never ran a 10k in my life. In fact, I have never even run in a 5k. It’s always been really intimidating to me and then I get in my head and just decide not to do it. But today was different. I knew I was going to have people to run with so, with Josh’s encouragement, I went. I did try to convince Josh to go so he could at least cheer me on, but he was not going for it.

So when I got to the gym, it was already time to warm up. I walked in being super intimidated, I didn’t really know anyone there. It was all people I had never met before minus one or two people. But I warmed up, walked over to the start line, and then waited around for about 20 minutes. I saw Sabrina over there so I walked over and started talking to her and her friend, who has a son that is joining the Coast Guard soon. The more she talked about him, I realized I knew her son! I had met him at work and we had gotten to talking about the Coast Guard. This town is so small, it never ceases to amaze me.

But anyway, the race started, and I started off running with the girls, and then we ended up losing Sabrina’s friend and then eventually, I ended up going off on my own. Now this run, is not an easy run at all. It has a lot of hills and the downhills are nothing compared to the uphills. Making it to the halfway point, I was so relieved, still had energy so I kept right on going.

It was literally an uphill battle after that, which I did not realize until I went around the corner. The hill seemed to just keep going and going and going. FINALLY I reached the top! “Whew,” I thought, “You made it! Just two more miles to go and your done.” I had to remind myself of something I heard Rachel Hollis say during one of her live videos: “Train yourself to slow down instead of stopping,” so I kept going. I slowed, but did not stop for the entire run! My goal was to have the 6 miles done in 60 minutes or less. And guess what?! I ran those six miles in 58 minutes! I ran the full course of 6.4 miles in 1.02.26. I was so happy that I got up and decided to go! I’m proud of myself for doing it. Thank you to my husband for encouraging me to go when I was still debating whether or not to go and thank you Heather from Northwest Fitness for telling me I was going to do it!

My 10k time! 

Now, that I’ve done one 10k, I won’t be afraid to do another! And maybe I’ll even beat my time on the next one!

Leave your stories of you first big run in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you did to prepare, what your accomplishments were and how you felt afterwards!


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