Finally Making Friends

Hey there!

As I previously mentioned in one of my other blogs, Josh and I have been in Coos Bay for just over 3 years now, and now that we only have about eight and a half to 9 months left here, I feel like I’m actually making friends. I never considered myself a shy person and always felt like I made friends pretty easily… until I moved here… I have struggled so much making friends since I moved out here. But thank goodness for Vicky and Natalie!

I met Vicky before we had been here for even a year, but until recently, we didn’t really start hanging out a whole lot. And I honestly have no idea why. She’s super sweet and fun to hang out with. Any time one of us goes out of town, we watch each other’s pets. She brings her little kitty Pepper over, and Josh and I drop Koda off at her house on our way out of town. I think it was when she invited me to the gym that we finally started talking and then hanging out with each other, which I am super grateful that we did!

Then a couple of months ago I met Natalie. Natalie is this super fun, outgoing person who is not afraid to get a little wild. There was one day, when my allergies were really bad, that Josh and I met up with Natalie and her boyfriend, Zach, for drinks at 7 Devils (the local brewery) and I had taken a Benadryl (it was all we had at the time) and after one beer I was practically falling asleep at the table. Can you say awkward? Haha. She probably thought I was the most boring person in the world that day. But more recently we met up with them at the State Fair and saw Randy Houser in concert, drank a drank (but did not) smoke a little smoke  and danced around the fair like fools. But who cares, you’re at the fair to have a good time right?

Natalie just moved closer to Coos County and just after she moved, Zach and Vicky’s husband, Eli, left for a 2 week hunting trip. So, knowing how it feels for your significant other to leave even for a short period of time, I told her we should all get together and have a couple of girls nights while they’re gone. And you know what she said?? “yes!” Words cannot describe how excited I was for her to say that! After three years of no girls nights, no real girl time, I was like a giddy woman who had just started dating some guy that was texting her to make plans for a date. I am ridiculous, I know, but I can’t help to get excited for a little girl time.

So the three of us decided we would go to the Coos Bay Wine Walk, where you basically walk around the downtown district, do a little wine tasting, and shop in the local shops. It’s supposed to boost sales for the town, which I guess it works since there are so many people walking around for it! We stopped in Leafs Treehouse and a few other stores and we each bought at least one thing from a store or two. The wine walk, in my opinion, is not quite long enough. I’m sorry, but 2 hours is just not enough time to hit all the stops AND shop around a little… lol.

After the wine walk ended, I was a little buzzed, because, yes, I am a lightweight! So we decided to go get some Thai food for dinner. Yummmm!!! I love Thai food, and I can’t wait to taste some real authentic Thai food in February! Gimme AAALLLLLLL the pad Thai!! We all chowed down on our delicious food and chi chatted some more before finally all heading home.

This Friday we are going for Sushi and then hitting up the local bowling alley. I have already forewarned them that I suck at bowling and told them that as long as they don’t laugh at me throwing nothing but gutter balls, I would go!

I’m such a dork at how excited I am to have another girls night! I feel like every woman needs a little girl time to gossip, drink, and just let loose with the girls. So go have yourself a girls night! Enjoy being with the girls, bonding and taking a little break from reality for a few hours!

Have a great night everyone!


The Traveling Entrée


Liane Humrichouse


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