Tonsillectomy and Dog Troubles

Good morning all!

It’s another beautiful morning on the coast! It is surprisingly warm this morning. It’s almost hard to believe how warm it is. For those that have never been to the Oregon coast, it is normally foggy, misting, and cold. So it’s a really nice day.

So nice in fact that I am actually sitting out front in my lime green camping chair, writing  this and simultaneously throwing my dogs toy. Koda needed a little love and attention today since he hasn’t gotten much these last few days. Josh just had a tonsilectomy so I’ve been busy taking care of him.

On the day of the surgery (Thursday), we had to check him in at 11am. So we arrived at the hospital at 10:45 and found out after he had been prepped that his surgery had been delayed by at least two hours. Have you ever had to sit in a hospital waiting room for more than an hour? Ugh… I feel your pain. Those chairs are some of the most uncomfortable chairs I have EVER sat in. I finally gave up and just sat on the floor, which was surprisingly more comfortable. But I eventually got hungry and decided to run home to grab something to snack on. Had I had my debit card with me, this whole situation that I’m about to tell you could have been avoided.

So, to set the scene, we don’t have a fenced yard so our dog is tied up on a 70 foot lead so he has plenty of room to roam the yard. The people who used to live across the street from us moved out and the owners are remodeling the house so there’s been a steady flow of contractors at the house.

As I walked out of the house, phone in hand, I grabbed Koda’s toy and threw it for him and let go a little too late and it landed on the roof (hey, I never said I was a baseball player), and Koda, being as toy obsessed as he is, was not going to let it go even after telling him to leave it so I decided to walk across the street and ask the current contractor if he could help me out. He said he would help and that he’d be right over so I walked back across the street, stood in the middle of the yard where I could see the toy with Koda running around me like a mad man. The contractor starts across the street and as he steps onto our property Koda takes off towards this poor guy, barking with his hackles lifted, and as I’m about to call him back to me I feel the rope grab me around my ankles, I vaguely remember screaming and then I was landing on the ground, HARD.

Talk about embarrassing. Ugh… I picked up my phone, stood up and called the dog then I had to pick up my pride and dignity from the floor. Luckily, I can laugh at myself so once he realized I was ok, he laughed some too. But oh my, my hip, shoulder, elbow, and neck hurt so bad, I truly wanted to cry. And once he got the toy down and I got back into my car and halfway down the street I finally let a few tears slip. Not so much because I was in pain but more out of embarrassment than anything.

Koda the #DevilDog

Luckily, by the time I got home that evening, he was already gone and hasn’t been back since. Thank goodness!

Josh however, poor guy, has been laid up on the couch ever since the surgery. I left him to go get his meds from he pharmacy and when I got home I had him take some, only for him to throw it all up, along with his smoothie I made him and a remarkable amount of blood. The next morning we got up to go see the flight doc and I gave him some more meds to stay ahead of the pain and we got maybe a half mile from the house before he was motioning me to pull over. Ugh, worst feeling in the world to have someone you love in pain or sick and you can’t do anything to make them feel better.

While we were with the flight doctor, we asked for new meds (which we got) and then Saturday he woke up with a fever. Ever seen a 30-year-old mad take Bubble Gum flavored children’s Tylenol? Well, it’s pretty darn cute if you ask me! Now, two days later, the fever has broken, still taking the Tylenol as he now has a head cold and slight cough. Hopefully we’re through the worst of it, but we won’t know until later. But for now, even Gizmo is helping to take care of his daddy.

Gizmo taking full advantage of being able to be on the couch to cuddle up with daddy while he’s sick

Any one else have a grown family member have their tonsils removed at an older age? Any tips would be appreciated! We are doing cold compresses on his neck, lots of smoothies, popsicles and meds. What did you or your loved one eat after surgery?



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